Bobtown Pizza Shop Getting National Attention Over Coupon Controversy

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BOBTOWN (KDKA) - Natives in the rural area of Bobtown say a simple gesture has snowballed out of control.

"A person lost their life out there and everybody’s concentrating on coupons for a pizza," Peter Novak, of Bobtown, said.

After Chevron - who owned the well that exploded on Feb. 11 - bought 100 pizzas and two liters of pop from Bobtown Pizza, the company created vouchers for people who live close to the site.

According to people in Bobtown, the vouchers were given out to say thanks for dealing with the increased traffic, not to lessen the severity of the tragedy.

"They weren’t trying to cover up anything. It was a good gesture, and unfortunately, that good gesture got torn apart and so many people took it the wrong way," Shelia Kovalcheck, of Bobtown, said.

When news spread though, not everyone agreed that the pizza and pop combination was appropriate.

A petition to get Chevron to apologize was created, and then this week, the spotlight shined on the 700 person town all the way from New York and Stephen Colbert.

Bobtown Pizza owner Bill Sowden says the attention’s been an interesting experience so far.

"We’ve had calls from Canada, Florida, California; I don’t know. It’s crazy," he said.

He even got a call from Jon Stewart who’s slated to do an hour-long interview with Sowden on Tuesday.

The attention hasn’t created any more business, but there have been numerous calls from people pretending they had a voucher. So, far only a dozen coupons have been redeemed.

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Best Dealsp>If you love The Walking Dead, here’s some news that’ll make your day: The second episode of the second season is hitting next week. It’ll be available on the US PlayStation network and Steam on March 4th, and while Telltale has yet to confirm specifically when the new episode will hit other platforms (like Xbox Live and iOS) they have been making efforts to get all the platforms lined up the best we they can. It wouldn’t surprise me if we saw the second episode next week on the App Store, but of course, things can always get weird.

They’ve released a new trailer, which, like previous trailers, is probably something you should skip if you’re not currently caught up in the series- Particularly if you’re sensitive to possible spoilers:

The Walking Dead games are seriously fantastic. I highly, highly recommend picking them both up if you’ve never played them. The first episode of the first game is totally free, so, no harm in trying it out either.

Review: Schoolboy Q’s new album, ‘Oxymoron,’ lives up to hip-hop buzz

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One of the year’s most anticipated hip-hop releases, Schoolboy Q’s “Oxymoron” lives up to its buzz. Both heavy with bass and filled with memorable hooks, Q’s long-gestating major label debut is tight in length and rich with intent. “Oxymoron” arrives in the wake of fellow Black Hippy member Kendrick Lamar's Grammy album of the year nominated “Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City.” That's a lot of pressure for anyone's major label debut, but Schoolboy Q meets those expectations. “Oxymoron” presents 12 bass-heavy tracks upon which the artist born Quincy Hanley explores his neighborhood, his hedonism and his rough-and-tumble early life hawking Oxycontin tablets on street corners near his 51st Street and Hoover neighborhood. (“I can get a hundred of them, make three Gs,” he explains at one point.)

It’s a powerful album with big beats and lyrics that focus on hard truths through a fog of synthetic opiates, crime, cough syrup, chronic and paranoia. “If God won’t help me this gun will, I swear I’m gonna find my way,” he raps desperately on “Blind Threats.” The Pharrell-produced “Los Awesome” features a “backyard full of Crips, county blues, barbecues” on a celebration of all things gangsta. One of the album’s best mergers sees Q join Odd Future founder Tyler, the Creator and longtime L.A. rapper Kurupt for “The Purge.”

PHOTOS: Best albums of 2013 | Randall Roberts

The seven-minute centerpiece “Prescription/Oxymoron” is the big payoff: a harrowing snapshot of a man “stuck in this body high” of prescription pills, slipping in and out of consciousness while his child tries to wake him. This is not an album to give your teenage kid without a companion conversation about the dangers of drugs. But after the disclaimer, sit down and wonder on the miraculous ways in which musical talent can germinate amid such a landscape and grow to create work filled with boundless promise.

Schoolboy Q


(Top Dawg/Interscope)

Three and a half stars

Amazon (AMZN) Close to Striking a Deal with 10 Major Retail Names: Report

Deal Of The ( AMZN) is reportedly in discussions with several traditional retailers to feature their products on its website, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

Citing people familiar with the talks, the Journal said Amazon is speaking to about 10 notable vendors, including names such as Neiman Marcus, Abercrombie & Fitch, J. Crew and Ralph Lauren, to list their brands on the e-commerce giant’s website.

The Seattle-based on-line retailer wouldn’t sell the products directly, but instead direct shoppers to each individual retailer’s website. The arrangement would generate traffic for the retailers, while allowing Amazon to make money by charging a fee for sending customers to the retailers’ sites, and collect another payment for subsequent purchases.

Amazon would also gain leverage from the deal by obtaining a wider range of customer data.

If an agreement is reached, not only it would open the door for these retail names to begin selling their goods through Amazon’s online storefront for the first time ever, but it would also be the latest step in Amazon’s quest to beef up its apparel offerings, a move industry analysts have predicted the retail giant would eventually make but that retail companies have viewed with skepticism.

Shares of Amazon closed on Friday at $347.36.


Best Buy to offer $50 gift card to customers upgrading to new phone in 2014

Do you want a social network that can truly improve your real-life? PhoneDog Media is providing a sneak peek to iM5 - the “Do It” Social Network. See the video

Thinking about upgrading to a new phone sometime in 2014? If so, you may want to hit up Amazon Sales Buy sometime between Feb. 2 and Feb. 15, because the big box retailer will be running a promo that can save you some cash when you do decide to upgrade.

Best Buy has announced that starting this Sunday, Feb. 2, consumers can register their phone number, email address and up to four other phone numbers on a family plan either in a Best Buy store or on its website. Registered customers can then use that phone number to buy a new handset as an upgrade or port-in anytime between Feb. 2 and Dec. 31, 2014 and receive a $50 gift card. The phone must be purchased with a two-year contract from AT&T, Sprint or Verizon, and Best Buy says that the $50 gift card can be put toward the purchase of the device.

Getting a $50 gift card just for upgrading to a new phone seems like a pretty sweet deal, but this new Best Buy offer is made even better by the fact that customers can register now and then wait to upgrade any time during 2014. That’s nice because both HTC and Samsung are expected to unveil new flagship smartphones in the coming months, and so many consumers may be holding onto their upgrade until those two companies debut their newest pieces of kit.

In addition to its $50 gift card offer, Best Buy will be running a few other notable promotions this weekend. Friday and Saturday will see the Samsung Galaxy S 4 for AT&T and Verizon and the Galaxy S 4 Active discounted to the low, low price of free on contract, and the first-generation Microsoft Surface Pro with 128GB of storage will be available for $499.99, which is a discount of $400. More information on these two sales as well as Best Buy’s $50 gift card offer can be found at the links below.

Via Best Buy: $50 gift card promo, Special Sale

WASHINGTON—Congress recessed for a week-long break no closer to reinstating expired jobless benefits for the 1.3 million Americans who have been out of work for six months or more.

The impasse is unlikely to be resolved prior to President Obama’s Jan. 28 State of the Union address, where he is likely to promote new efforts to close the gap on income inequality and call on Congress reinstate unemployment benefits.

"We’re not at all giving up," said White House spokesman Jay Carney, "We’re going to keep working, and we’re going to keep pressing, and I know that (Senate Majority Leader Harry) Reid is doing the same."

Senate Democrats and Republicans are at odds over how to reinstate the jobless benefits, and Reid said he would revisit the issue after the recess.

An offer by Democrats to fund the program through November was rejected by Republicans because it used budget cuts that wouldn’t take effect until 2024 to pay for it. Republicans are rankled by what they say is a heavy-handed majority that will not allow the minority to offer amendments to alter the program or create other ways to pay for it.

While the majority of Republicans oppose the extension under any circumstances, a handful of Republicans necessary to overcome procedural hurdles are generally supportive of an extension, which means an agreement is possible.

"I have a number of members who feel the unemployment insurance issue is a serious matter that ought to be addressed, but addressed in a fair and bipartisan way, with the majority in the end deciding what kind of bill passes," said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

Republicans accused Democrats of playing election year politics, arguing they are more eager to score points than reach a Best Deals to reinstate the program because the impasse is helping fuel part of their midterm election year message that Democrats are more sympathetic to the jobless and working poor.

"You see a mentality among the Republicans and their leadership that basically says when people are down and out and need a helping hand, we’re not going to give it to them because they’re lazy, and the only way to get them up off the couch and away from the television and off to work is to stop sending unemployment checks," said Senate Majority Whip Richard Durbin, D-Ill.

Reid said he believes Republicans are holding the extension hostage out of lingering hard feelings over a recent rules change pushed through by Democrats that makes it easier to confirm certain judicial and executive nominations. “This is a filibuster,” he said, adding that Republicans were delaying “because I was mean to them.”

The GOP-controlled House has largely stayed out of the debate over long-term jobless benefits. House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, has said that the House will look at any extension that comes out of the Senate, but the chamber is not working on legislation of its own.

The debate over unemployment benefits is just the beginning of a year-long messaging effort and legislative push by the president and congressional Democrats on economic issues and income inequality. Democrats are on track this year to push for an increase in the minimum wage, which is popular among Americans but has strong opposition among GOP lawmakers because they say it could stifle already fragile job growth.

House Republicans counter that they have approved legislation they say would spur job growth, but Senate Democrats have ignored their bills. “The best way to help out-of-work Americans is to create jobs and grow our economy. That’s exactly what Republicans are focused on, creating jobs for middle-class families and small businesses,” Boehner said.

2014 A2Hosting Promotion & Coupon Codes Are Released at has introduced the new A2Hosting promotion in 2014 which comes with 2 coupon codes bringing an up to 51% discount that decreases the price of the companies’ shared hosting packages to $3.92/mo.

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Both of the packages cover unlimited RAID 10 disk space, monthly data transfer, databases (MySQL and PostgreSQL) and email addresses, support to host unlimited domains on a single account, and include advanced technologies like SSH, SFTP, shared SSL, PHP 5.5, MySQL 5.5, Apache 2.2 and Perl 5.10.

In addition, A2Hosting provides customers with free access to the following features.

1) A2 SiteBuilder, cPanel control panel & Softaculous application installer.
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MLB Hot Stove 2014: In current market, Clayton Kershaw’s $215 million contract is almost a bargain

Sports fans hear it all the time.

A superstar player signs a contract, and there’s an almost instant rush to express amazement at the monetary amount of the deal, followed by the inevitable and cynical statements regarding how athletes are overpaid, and how so-and-so won’t ever be worth whatever ungodly sum he was just signed for.

On the one hand, it makes total sense. Most sports fans aren’t millionaires, nor are the writers who cover them. Forget being a millionaire, today’s top professional athletes are scoring deals that are worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Wednesday afternoon, Clayton Kershaw and the Los Angeles Dodgers agreed to a seven-year contract extension worth $215 million. That’s over $30 million a year for the phenomenally talented, soon-to-be 26-year-old lefty.

Is he worth that type of money?

The answer is both “yes,” and “no.”

On one hand, there is no way he, or any other professional athlete, is worth that much money. Kershaw throws a baseball for a living, he’s not saving lives, inventing groundbreaking technology, brokering peace deals between warring nations, curing cancer or educating our nation’s youth.

That’s the simple answer, but it denies an equally simple reality.

That’s not how anyone’s salary or earnings are determined in our society.

The reality is that if the Dodgers are not spending the billions of dollars that they’re slated to receive as a result of a $7 billion cable television contract, on player salaries, then that money will end up in the pockets of the owners. Owning a baseball team isn’t an easy job, but the heavy lifting that has the most influence on whether or not at team wins or loses is done by the players on the field.

As big a star as Magic Johnson once was, no one is going to Dodgers Stadium, or tuning in to watch a Dodgers game on television because the current minority owner will be in the stands. The money might as well go to those who actually play the sport that is generating all that revenue.

We can regret that our economic conditions create circumstances in which pro athletes receive such outrageous sums of money, but it isn’t really fair to blame the players.

What exactly was Kershaw supposed to do when presented with that contract offer? Was he supposed to turn it down?

Fans have a tendency to pile on with their critiques of players who ink massive contracts and then fail to live up to whatever standards those fans have assigned to them.

When Carl Crawford signed with his seven-year, $142 million contract with the Boston Red Sox, expectations were sky high for the talented outfielder. He failed to live up to even the most realistic expectations that were set for him. The reality is that there was almost no way for him to live-up to the amount of that deal.

Even if he had replicated his better seasons in Tampa

Lessons learned: Bracing for Black Friday by remembering our past retail mistakes

Twas the night before Black Friday and all through the house, not a creature was stirring-not even my computer mouse.

Ah yes, one of the biggest shopping days is fast approaching. Get your game faces on-this is basically like the Superbowl of Shopping. In preparation, I’d like to relay a little story in hopes of setting some realistic expectations and preventing any potential heartbreak you might endure from disappointing sell-outs. Here goes…

Once upon a time, Target partnered up with legendary fashion design team Missoni. (Warning: this fairytale doesn’t have a happy ending, kids.) Excitement doesn’t even begin to describe the anticipation of this launch back in September of this year. I created an embarrassing amount of calendar reminders and cleared my work schedule for the morning of September 13 th in an effort to maximize the chances of landing the essential pieces from the collection. Flipping through the online look-book previews gave me the same pit-in-stomach-feeling I endured minutes before high school cheerleading tryouts.

Having heard urban legends about the Target website crashing from previous designer collections (none of which as grandiose as Missoni, mind you) I had my game plan ready. Unsure whether the merchandise would go live at midnight EST, I set my alarm to go off every hour between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m., hoping I could sneakily hop online and beat the traffic before the inevitable meltdown.

My plan worked: around 4 a.m. I was enjoying a cyber version of Supermarket Sweep and throwing anything and everything Missoni in my cart. I figured I could easily return whatever ended up looking heinous and preferred to err on the side of too much than not enough. But with my Type A-ness rearing its ugly head, I still had doubts about effectively capturing every key item from the expansive collection. Luckily, the next day, a fellow Missoni-ite and I catapulted out of bed like kids on Christmas morning and dashed to the nearest Target for the next challenge that awaited: the in-store extravaganza.

We proudly stood first in line for a solid hour before other anxious shoppers organized behind us. When the doors opened, I wasn’t nearly as panicked as the rest of the crowd, knowing I had just hit the online jackpot and would soon see a pile of brown boxes emblazoned with the red Target bullseye delivered at my door step. (Remember that Friends episode where Monica, Phoebe and Rachel go the wedding dress sample sale and end up fighting women and blowing whistles amid the utter chaos? Yep, the in-store scene was kind of like that, but less NBC and more Bravo-aka high drama sans laugh track.)

I walked out of the store with only a few bags-one of which containing a Missoni neck pillow-because I mean, who doesn’t need to look cute while awkwardly sleeping with her mouth wide open in the middle seat of an airplane?!

Fast-forward a few weeks and still no arrival of Target boxes. Patience never being one of my strong suits, I logged in to my order status hourly only to find everything still appearing to be A-OK and on-time. That is until, I got that dreaded email: “We’re sorry to inform you the items in your order are unable to be fulfilled.” A scream immediately erupted from me, reminiscent of Regina George in Mean Girls when she learns The Plastics called her a ‘fugly slut’ in the Burn Book. I couldn’t believe it-how did all my hard work and planning not result in a house full of colorful chevron stripes? This couldn’t be happening.

If you’ve ever flipped through TBS on a weekend, you’ve undoubtedly run into that movie Serendipity where John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale spend the entire 90 minutes scouring the Earth for a special copy of In The Time of Cholera and the five-dollar bill with red ink on it. Yeah, that’s now me in any Target store looking high and low on random shelves hoping to spot a lone towel, sweater or ballet flat.

The end.

Not to get all Disney on you, but the moral of this story in relation to Black Friday is to enjoy the adventure. Whether your quest involves apparel, electronics, toys r us black friday or accessories-I say make a plan, execute and try to deal with any disappointments with a bit more grace than myself (and that fugly Mean Girl, Regina George).